Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Workout after ART

Cross training day after the weekend’s workshop and this week’s run. DOMS has retreated, so we’re back on Chest & Pecs. We were also short on time; hence the supersets.

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (hitting 75lbs*2 on the final 2 sets; extremely tough but the motivation came from being vain i.e. not end up with a pancake face!)
b) DB incline chest fly (sort of a recovery workout, not that I mentioned this aloud lest Michael decided to up the weights)

Supersets of:
c) Smith machine incline chest press (only one way to go with the plate weights)
d) DB bench chest press (hah! Seeing that I was super strong (it’s all relative people!), we went up 2kg for each set)

{Mega} Supersets of:
e) Technogym cable chest fly
f) Medicine ball pullovers (high reps)
g) Pushups on Bosu (both palms and legs on Bosu! Plus high reps. FTW!)

Single set of:
h) Reverse abs crunches

What are the chances of getting away from DOMS?

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