Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Taman Seputeh Hill Training – 23 July 2013

Route: Le Chateau - Taman Desa Seputeh
Distance: 5.7km (Garmin)
Timing: 31:39 for 5:33 min/km pace

In spite of all the TLC, the calves are still angry!

Home to train station (3.095km; 17:33)
Following coach for the first 2km and taking a slight lead heading into km3 before the turn off to Seputeh Heights. Managed a feeble smile and nod to the guards at the apartments – whatcha expect?!?!?! When confronted with a 300m climb up the steepest hill in Seputeh and you’re panting like a dog. Actually all the climbs there probably have the same gradient and they’re dragon slayers.

Train station to home (2.607km; 14:03)
Positively sure someone called out to me midway through the climb to Jalan Taman Seputeh, just after the makeshift church cum school bus waiting area. Thought it was Kenny who had a change of mind and wanted to do the Seputeh loop. It wasn’t. Evidently. He ventured that it could be God. Hmm…perhaps. But what’s the message?

Brick-ish training this morning: hill run + elliptical + dreadmill run.


LIfe is so Sunny said...

Can I join u for Taman Seputeh Hill Training one of this days?

LIfe is so Sunny said...

Can I join u for a Taman Seputeh Hill Training?

Tq n have a nice day.

Sue's Ramblings said...

Sure, why not!