Monday, July 22, 2013

Five Things Delayed Friday {Monday}

1. Sorry! Crazy Thursday and Friday at work; missing meals blah blah blah; hence a much delayed post.

2. M called in sick on Thursday, so I made plans for a short run on Friday. Yeah a run that started as a duo run that turned into a solo run. Literally. Kenny turned back after 1km coz he wasn’t up to it and was super duper whacked out from the previous evening’s futsal. Oh well, a short easy run to the train station and back.

3. Saturday was spent in the company of friends in the deliciousness of 10 sets of 272 steps at Batu Caves after a short 5.5km warm up run around the neighbourhood. Oh, taking cue from Em, planking anywhere and anytime though the task at hand was rudely interrupted by the army of red ants marching our way. Photo credits to Ronnie, Carol and Yung Hui.

4. The hangover from Saturday’s party meant I was hobbling around with sore calves yesterday and today! To the point of going to dinner in my flip flops. And the offending muscles are now wrapped in compression sleeves under my work pants.

5. Given the above, it was Backs & Lats yesterday and Chest & Pecs this morning. You can be sure that it included lots of sets, dropsets, chin-ups, pull-ups, rows, presses and flys.

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