Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sleepy Thursday

That’s what happens when you’ve gotta get a run in at 5am (yes, could have foregone that but where’s the fun and what’s there to blog about?!) to hit the gym at 6am for strength training. After working late the previous night. Welcome to my world.

Quick nip around the neighbourhood and wanted to call it quits at km1 due to the heat and humidity. Again refer to above why this was not possible! You guys should thank me for providing FOC entertainment. Pretty much whacked out after this and skipped the post-workout cardio.

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (don’t be fooled by the first set or sometimes called set 0)
b) DB bench chest press (hmmm…much better and didn’t felt like I was gonna smash my face)

Supersets of:
c) Smith machine incline chest press (can I blame the lack of caffeine for nodding and agreeing to pile on the weight plates???)
d) DB combo of chest press and chest fly

Supersets of:
e) Technogym cable chest fly (being pre-warned that it’ll be heavy does nothing to alleviate it!)
f) Aeromat ball pullovers (what?!?! No pushups today???)
g) Abs roll out (my continuing saga with DOMS after yesterday’s self service; we’ll see if I double over this evening)

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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