Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun Filled Weekend

With lots of sweat, laughter, kinship and food!

Let’s talk about sweat-fest first. Shake out and talk kok run with Kei Ming, Vijay, Adam and some of the TPRC gang on Saturday morning. Left Ronnie and the guys to sped thru DH on their own since we did not have a death wish! Turnout was lower than usual – guess most were “mourning” the postponement of SCKLM and/or preparing for the next day’s “biggie”.

Sunday (yesterday) was even betterfriendship, solidarity and kinship long run organized by the TPRC group for outstation and overseas runners in replacement of SCKLM. We took the group thru our usual training ground although we started at Dataran Merdeka and included the loop at Publika and behind Petronas to make up the 20-21km. Lots of fun…check out the turnout at the start

Even Rainer and his team were on hand to help out

We finished with a gathering over brekkie at Padang Merbuk where I devoured the most marvelous cupcake lovingly made by Karen

At the start and along the route (photo credits to Tey, Vivian Tay, Aske, KK)

Also spent QT with Chris, Chia Ee and Kei Ming browsing the Korean Food Fair and no surprise, a Korean dinner

Dessert was a mango affair at Hui Lau Shan

Oh man…after all that…coming back to earth (earth to Sue…do you copy???) was grueling to say the least. Was dreading the wake up call this morning even though I let myself sleep in slightly longer. And now, after 5 days of legs, it’ll be TLC for them. This morning’s last strenuous workout (at least for the moment!)

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine squats (instead of the usual 25lbs incremental, we did 35lbs; nothing like a jolt like that on Monday morning!; more or less gave up on the last and begged Michael to let me do a dropset instead. No bueno…not only did I have to do that last set, since I so “ardently” requested for a dropset, had to do that on top of the current plan)
b) Cybex plate weight loaded leg squat press (warm up on a heavier load to my consternation!)

Single set of:
c) KB walking lunges (up 2kg each and every muscle fiber was screaming at me!)

Supersets of:
d) Technogym leg extension
e) Jumping squats

Single sets of:
f) Cybex prone leg curl
g) Cybex bicep curl (demit!)
h) Cybex abs crunches (more demit! If such a term exists and pardon my French)

Oh someone commented that I must be doing a lot of planks during breakfast yesterday – nopez, I think I hardly do it once a month (that’s a stretch too!). Just regular and sometimes modified abs crunches, abs roll out, leg raises…if I’m not too lazy.

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