Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend in Pics

Super tied up with work – try clearing your emails after 2 days away from the office and you know what I mean. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue if the BB didn’t slip from my hands into the bucket of water. Oh, did I mention that it was pretty interesting to see bubbles coming thru, a bit like a fish breathing, swimming…I digress. Summary: dead BB and was reduced to using the most basic Nokia for the past 5 days (still am!) while the BB is being admitted to the ICU. Am preparing for the worst since it’s been officially declared brain dead.

Let’s just move on

My new soles – Seeya at a much discounted-than-what-we-pay-here. All in, USD87.

My weekend getaway digs at Elizabeth’s place

Some eats (and drinks)

Rocking the tape at the Acti Tape workshop

And there was this thing called a run with an awesome-sauce medal!

This morning’s workout was a 5km jaunt around the neighbourhood (slow and easy does it on account of the above. Hey, just go with my “excuse”, ok?!) and a leg workout = crippled Sue. Good thing work doesn’t require me to hobble much further than to the pantry and washroom. This morning’s “moderate” routine <blatant lie>

Supersets of:
a) EPIC Hack Squat
b) Cybex plate weight loaded leg squat press

Single sets of:
c) KB walking lunges with jumping squats at the end
d) Technogym leg extension (90 is the new new; dropsets)
e) Cybex prone leg curl
f) Cybex Ab Crunch
g) Precor bicep curl

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