Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Face Smashing Wednesday

Yup, you guys probably and so very nearly had pancake for brekkie this morning. A pancake with my face imprinted on it. It must have been the lost run mojo which kinda snowballed into a stress reaction which kinda snowballed into bursts of lost concentration during a Chest & Pec workout.

Single and dropsets of:

a) Smith machine angled bench chest press (apparently the few near misses in the earlier sets weren’t enough and I asked to do a fifth set)

b) Smith machine incline bench chest press

Supersets of flys:

c) Technogym cable bench chest fly

d) Technogym cable standing combo of chest press and fly (oddly this was the more difficult one. Oddly?!?!?! I make it sound like this was easy peasy to begin with!)

Supersets of:

e) DB and KB (we alternated) pullovers

f) Close grip/Diamond pushups on small instability Bosu

Single set of:

g) Abs roll out on small instability Bosu (boy, I so totally self prwn-ed on this!)

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