Monday, June 24, 2013

180 turnaround

After a week of “better-than-Singapore’s fate”, things took a 180-degree turn on Saturday and I’ve been hiding indoors ever since. Maybe except for a short run on Sunday morning with the TPRC gang (after scrapping the planned Solaris route), some gym work, Vinyasa Yoga, grocery shopping and paying the bills. This is what happens when the parents are away! Oh and one of the fishes I was babysitting turned belly up on Friday; SW suggested I get a FEW replacements as “insurance”. Goes without saying my “babysitting” skills are top notch.

Dinner escapade (blackout at home!) with the beautiful, funny and all round awesome babe at Pasta Zanmai on Saturday

We Michael continued with the switchabouts – lots of flexibility and instability workouts on this morning’s workout. A good thing too since I’ve been nursing a head-egg since yesterday. BTW, does anyone know if I can send my medical bills to the Indonesian embassy?????

Supersets and {double} dropsets of:
a) Freemotion combo chest press-fly (wow, can’t remember the last time we did this! clearly “change” was the order of the day)
b) Cybex Eagle chest press
c) Nautilus Nitro Plus incline chest press (ya know…doing 10 pounds after all that dropsets isn’t funny!)

Supersets of:
d) Technogym cable chest fly (great…another fly)
e) Aeromat pullovers
f) Abs roll out

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