Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hill Training Run – 14 May 2013

Route: Le Chateau - Taman Seputeh
Distance: 5.57km (Garmin)
Timing: 31:06 for 5:35 min/km pace

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That more or less sums up things around here in the past week. I resorted to blasting the AC for most of the day…and night. At least it looks like rain clouds are in the horizon now – thank you TJV! [NB she washed her car yesterday and everything she does, the sky opens up]

1st half (3.013km; 17:07)
Kenny didn’t sleep well last night due to the above and we decided to tackle the shorter route although I covered the distance UPHILL (again!) to Seputeh Heights. I knew he wasn’t in his element (aka 3:30 marathon shape) when he dropped back just 200m into the run. Oddly, it was kinda cooling (cool in relative terms) running by the side of the road next to the minor “jungle”, green spaces that dotted the road leading to/from Le Chateau and along Taman Seputeh.

2nd half (2.551km; 13:57)
Guess I wanted it to be done faster to get out of the heat come what may hills and really the second half is pretty much downhill. Downhills are my fav, just in case you didn’t get the message, and my “reward” for all the huffing and puffing in the first half.

I did have that momentarily idea of doing the Desa Seputeh lap and on hindsight, am glad I didn’t – got all woozy, nauseous and felt like upchucking the contents of my tummy (TMI!) when I finished. It’s a nutrition problem – most likely didn’t get enough nutrients, food into the system yesterday. I blame it entirely on work.

So what have the rest of you been up to?

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