Wednesday, May 15, 2013

LG Run – 15 May 2013

Route: LG > Planetarium
Distance: 5.80km (Garmin)
Timing: 34:31 for 5:57 min/km pace

Car park to Start / Playground (0.354km; 3:46)
Nothing much on the cards except for a long walk before heading to the gym.

Playground > Planetarium > Playground (5.442km; 30:44)
Hmmm…legs wanted to run but run slow. Oh well, run we did!

Km 1: slow going and said “hi”, “good morning”, “how are you doing” etc to a few groups of uncles and aunties. Eavesdropped on convo – most were about this.

Km 2: go up the second gate or do 2 loops? Gate…I hate loops.

Km 3: regretting decision, eh? Climb climb climb Bird Park

Km 4: climb climb climb Planetarium

Km 5: wee…going downhill

Finish: speed up and stopped Garmin

Will put up the HOPE Awareness Run recap when I get home tonite - Blogger was icky with pics last nite.

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