Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Half way thru

Mid week; we’re half way to the finish line (yeah, I’m that sad and have no life that the most defining moment in my life is walking out of the office on Friday).

Quick nip around the park this morning – oppss…I ran! The legs made me do it! Had intended to walk but it was so nice out there I was held hostage by the legs.

Met up with Michael for the arduous task of working the Shoulders & Delts (after a what(?) 10 day lull)

Single sets and dropsets of:
a) Smith machine overhead shoulder press
b) DB lateral raise (5 friggin sets coz we just had to do one while waiting for the DB
c) DB standing single arm overhead should press (and more friggin-ly, dropsets on each set; clearly I was in for a long tough morning)

Supersets and dropsets of:
d) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt (someone please stab me!)
e) Technogym cable criss cross upper rear delt

Supersets of:
f) Technogym cable upright row (this is getting too much!)
g) Abs crunches on fitball

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