Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Walk the Talk

Let’s talk about walking. I know a lot of people rubbish walking vis-à-vis running. A lot. Not all. So don’t dump the brickbats on me just yet. Here’s an interesting article about the benefits of walking. I won’t go regurgitate any of those points.

Let me tell you about what the wonders of walking for me. Walking is therapeutic for me. Time to slow down; time to think or more often than not, not think; time to just enjoy and take in the surroundings – have you ever noticed how “perfect” each branch, leaf, stem is on a tree or the puddles after a rain; time to really listen to a friend; time to talk to a friend although most times, my walks are solo because I prefer it that way – it’s me time.

Unfortunately this scenic view and breeze wasn’t what greeted me yesterday and today! It was warm and humid and I sweated buckets! Such a contrast to last week’s walks and the ones over the weekend. But hey, that’s not going to stop me from heading out tomorrow or Friday or this weekend. And I want my brezzy low temps back!!!

Tell me about your walks.

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