Monday, April 22, 2013

Bullets for Monday

1. Shod in new shoes since last week – bought this on the cheap during my trip to HK 2 months ago.

2. Back-to-back trainings on Thursday (Chest & Pecs) and Friday (Back & Lats) = DOMS (naturally) + Fatigue. Great start to the weekend…just the way sweat enthusiasts like us like it.

3. Back-to-back runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 2 of which included the hills at DH. Add to that a strength training and Iyengar Yoga (fantastic session with Susan, BTW) = Mild Fatigue (understatement of the year or maybe even decade!).

4. Sunday’s Shoulders & Delts training.

Single and dropsets of:

a) Smith machine overhead shoulder press

b) DB lateral raise

c) Nautilus Nitro overhead shoulder press

d) Nautilus Nitro rear delt fly

e) Cybex upper rear delt row

Obviously the single and dropsets were intended to fatigue the muscles…PRONTO. Mission achieved!

Supersets of:

f) Technogym cable upright row

g) Abs rollout on the instability Bosu (this was super duper tough because we did this on Friday and clearly I was DOMS-ing…even today’s it was a half baked effort on the abs crunches)

h) Technogym cable {more} rear delt row

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