Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Patience is a Virtue

It really is! Yeah, that’s the REVEALATION OF THE DAY! Ok, that’s something I’ve got to learn while grinding, inching my way through traffic every SINGLE WORK DAY…TWICE! And since you’re here, I presume you’re not interested in traffic. Anyway, back to runs, fitness, all-things-healthy-glorify; we’re coming to the 6-month mark of my torn hip (recovered I hope!). We’re getting poked, prodded etc aka checked out by the dude at the Sports Med Center this week and fingers crossed, nothing pops up. So this past 6 months have been absolutely trying and nerve wrecking for everyone around me – try living, breathing in the same space as a grouchy bear. 6 months of patience and I’ve no clue how everyone does it!

Actually, we might need to extend that 6-month mark by another 2-3…

But you know what, this extended break might be good for me – carefree days of doing whatever I want, stuffing myself with whatever I want, no schedules, no nothing. Heck, I’m considering taking the entire year off. No. Seriously. No Kidding.

Strength training, yoga, pilates, elliptical has been good to me. right, maybe strike that last one. Game face on for this morning’s Back & Lat workout and naturally, we Michael just had to strike “fear” with the dreaded-you-know-what.

Supersets of:
a) Free-standing pull-ups (is it any consolation that it wasn’t as wide a grip?!?!? Nah, I didn’t think so too)
b) BB bendover row (FTW…20 reps after the pull-ups???)

Single and dropsets of:
c) LF cable medium grip lat pulldown (another REVEALATION: don’t reply “oh we could have done a few more reps, I stopped coz you said stop/finish” when Michael commented: hmmm…slightly weak today?)
d) LF cable low row (obviously there was no more backing off after REVEALATION nummer zwei)
e) Precor T-bar (all those huffing, puffing, grunting, whining was so worth it coz I chicked out the guys on the other T-bar contraption!)
f) Technogym cable reverse pullup or my speak, pressdown (tried something-new-to-me in terms of angle)

Supersets of:
g) DB bendover side-to-frontal row (whatever. I don’t know the “scientific” “exercise” “fitness” term)
h) {My now favourite only coz it works the abs to the max} Roller Abs on instability “pillow”

If anyone is interested in the maneuvers, please do not contact me! I’ll be happy to pass on Michael’s number, with or without his consent. That’s how we roll around here people! Beeggeezz!

Not exactly the booster I wanted but close enough
Chia seeds from Unc WS

Now, this is more like it

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