Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nestle Fitnesse Malaysia Women Marathon 2013 - It's Coming!!!

Event details

Date: 7 April 2013
Venue: I-City, Selangor, Malaysia
Categories / Distance: 42km; 21km; 8km with the Couple Run offered for the first two

You guys can troll the webbies and blogs for the official statements, pics etc. Ok, I’m lazy to repost – hey, this is what happens when CNY is 3 days away. Anyway, here’s my take on why you should sign up

a) Women specific event – there aren’t many in the region for such distances and this is the first 42km event dedicated to women in SEA. Have done women only events in Singapore (Shape, GE, Nike) and definitely the atmosphere is different – less competitive, more camaderie and a whole lot o f fun!

b) There are so much things that are distinct about MWM. For one, it’s a pendant instead of a medal and you can even have your timing engraved on the back. Perfect addition and complements your necklace or charm bracie. This is taking a cue from the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco and the Shape Run in Singapore although in the former, you get a Tiffany! Darn it! I must sign up for that…even if it’s just for the bracie.

c) Pareo vs event tee; I’m probably not the only one who’s flooded with event tees and vests, so a pareo would be great. If anyone would like an event tee, this together with the hoodie can be purchased at the expo – this is a similar style to how the major marathons and run events are organized ie you buy them if you want which keeps the registration fee lower and used only for the event.

d) Women-specific baby tee – so you won’t drown in a unisex (and typically men design) piece of cloth that most events pass off as tees and vests.

e) Race expo! There’ll be a guest speaker (Kathrine Switzer, who will also be flagging off the race), workshops (CoupleRunning), women-specific sports apparel (think Skirt Sports? Lululemon?), fashion show? Now, tell me if that doesn’t whet up your appetite!

f) Cheer stations at 5 different locations helmed by the major sponsors. Psstt…heard Nestle Finnesse is putting up 6 hunks with 6-packs on parade at theirs. Right, who’s gonna spend an additional 30 minutes there?

g) Pace groups for FM and HM; typically only pace groups have been provided for FM in KL; Singapore runs had started featuring pace groups for 10km and HM in the last 2 years. Fantastic for those of you who’ve a goal target. Now go chase that PB of yours!

h) CoupleRun categories – boyfriends, hubs, personal trainers, bros, fathers, uncles, grandfathers, run buddies can pace and motivate those who would like a personal pacer.

Photo log from yesterday’s press conference at i-Gallery (credits to Alvin Yap too):


Theme park outside i-Gallery

Q&A session
Door gifts from the sponsors

RD with the gang


MWM team helmed by super-wife, supermom, super-daughter, super-ultrarunner and generally a super-all-round-buddy and best friend, Karen Loh

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