Friday, February 8, 2013

Five {New-To-Me} Things Friday

1. {New} neighbourhood run yesterday (ok, sorry, I should have posted yesterday but was swamped with work and meetings) which left my hips slightly sore. I blame Kenny for this coz we speeded up the hills and recovered on the downhills. {New} neighbourhood run this morning as well or rather a slight deviation from the usual humdrum.

2. {New} workout plan this week which left my entire body in DOMS on a continued basis, 7 days a week. Dropsets. {New} super heavy weight load. Guess this is an all-out-whack before CNY. Still recovering from this.

3. {New} shoes. Hasn’t happened yet – hoping to get a pair after work. If. I. Don’t. Procrastinate.

4. {New} CNY cookies were delivered to the office; we’ve been receiving loads of them since last week. Thank you generous clients, counsels, friends etc. {New} greeting: Happy New Year and Happy Hols everyone!

5. {New} invite other than CNY open houses, lunches, dinners, “yee sang”. Congrats!

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