Monday, February 4, 2013

Got it outta way

The leg work out I mean. The. KILLER. LEG. WORKOUT. FOR. THE. WEEK. Then again, since I’m known to be sado-maso, may “request” for a second leg workout, something of a last hurrah before CNY. Plus, I didn’t think we covered that “much” this morning.

Single and dropsets of:
a) Hammer Strength leg press (this probably killed the legs from the word “go”; yeah 3 dropsets for each set)

Supersets of:
b) BB squats (uurgh…after the quads and glutes shaking from the leg press, this equated to driving the knife deeper; I foresee #DOMS arriving before lunch)
c) LF leg extension (can’t even move 1 rep past 8)

Supersets of:
d) BB and plate weight walking lunges (working the glutes super hard here that I’ll probably need to sit on a cushion after this)
e) Jumping squats (nothing to elevate the heart rate and increase the burn on the quads/glutes)

Single sets of:
f) LF prone leg curl (repeat comment from (c))
g) Leg raises (found it odd that I couldn’t move past rep 15 – did 20 BTW – until I found out that the bench degree was the culprit. Why thank you Michael!)

This past extended weekend was all about legs – 3 consecutive run days from Friday with a Back & Lat workout, Pilates and Ivenyar Yoga thrown in. The hips were definitely not a happy camper yesterday! Oh, and look what I did to them this morning! ABSOLUTELY. UNEQUIVOCALLY. MASSACRED. THEM. No wonder, I’m the workout director from hell.

How was your weekend? It’s been awesome seeing pics and race recaps from TNF Thailand and Condura. Link up here with your pics and review.

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