Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless {more or less} Wednesday

Let’s just get the nitty gritty of today’s workout out of the way before the pics from Vibram HK100 and STSA’s Nameson run.

Chest & Pecs (since they’ve shifted some of the equipment to storage to facilitate renovation work; so <insert shudder> Legs will be tomorrow at MVC)

Supersets of:
a) Smith machine incline chest press
b) DB combo chest press and fly

Supersets of:
c) Smith machine bench chest press
d) Hammer Strength MTS decline chest press

Supersets of:
e) LF cable dual handle chest fly
f) Push-ups on Reebok instability board

Single set of:
g) Roller abs on raised instability board (veered off, first to the left and then right on the first 2 reps…thought it was me or rather my weak abs until I found out it was the board’s FAULT! Oh yeah, it’s called “instability” for a reason.)

Vibram HK100 on Saturday

Dark and cold at the start but the atmosphere was fab

With the "shark" - advocates of banning shark fin hunting

Lai chowing down his "bak kwa" - highly recommended pre-race nutrition; he finished in 21+ hours

Mr Ultra-man Yim

First turnoff point

Second turnoff point at East Dam

The Doc, Wind Fong, Rich Chai - the barefoot runner,Tey

Terence and I were stationed at the turnoff at Hoi An Road and Pak Sha O, about 1km uphill from CP3

Volunteer vest and collapse-able cup 

Nameson Jin Jia Zhuang Lunar New Year Run on Sunday

At Shatin Sports Stadium

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