Friday, November 23, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Seeing the lovely pics from KM and SF’ in Houston and around the US is giving me the green eye. Hah! But I’ll avenge this on Sunday with pics from the Durian Party. Take that KM! LOL!

2. Hmm…apparently (operative word here people!!!!) there’s nothing wrong with me or rather the legs. The inflammation, swelling, injury etc is healed or maybe, just maybe, there’s still some lingering repair process going on internally. What’s been happening was my mind telling and reminding my legs that they’re NOT OK and hence please walk/skip/run lopsided and unnaturally. Of course, this led to a domino effect of sore, tired, achy muscles that aren’t supposed to be used in this way and hence injury. One word: COMPENSATING. Caitlin. You’re right and thanks so much for your prayers and reminding me. So what’s need to change? Mental Hurdle.

3. Well, to be on the “safe” side and as “insurance”, will continue with the aggressive rehab i.e. Chinese massages, PT and herbal meds until this weekend and taper it over 2-3 weeks.

4. Back & Biceps Morning. All singles today to really focus on the target muscles and of course, load up on the weights. Nothing new.

Single sets of:
a) Free-standing pull-ups (Volunteered. Again. I. Am. A. glutton. For. Punishment.)
b) LF cable lat pull-down (Opened my big mouth and commented that Amir made me do 40…End. Of. Story.)
c) Precor T-bar row
d) LF cable low row
e) LF cable dual handle back row
f) LF cable upper back pressdown (Hah! Since May did it yesterday, I had to do it. It wasn’t easy and definitely not pretty)

Supersets of:
g) BB bicep curls
h) Leg raises

5. It’s “Cardiac Arrest” Day in the office today aka things are in a flux before we need to get things sorted out by 5pm and naturally Murphy’s Law applies.


{will run for margaritas} said...

Happy Thanksgiving - I hope your feast on Sunday is delicious!

Love you back and bicep workout - totally killer! Need to try that today :)

Caitlin said...

i'm so glad my comments and posts were able to help u out and YAY for changing that mindset! it's always surprising just how interconnected the human body is...we'll get u healed up and running pain-free here soon!! keep doing the awesome work girl! and looks like u had a wonderful turkey day! :)

TorontoRunner said...

Thanks for the lovely comment and support on my work issues!

Looks like such a great family gathering (how cute are all the kids!!).