Monday, October 29, 2012

Starting Anew – 14-Day Challenge: Days 1 & 2

Am embarking on a 14-day challenge to switch things up a bit since I can’t run at the moment (popped the hip flexor muscle during a DH training about 2 weeks ago and the recovery window for a groin injury is between 3-6 months; yes, months, not days or weeks). The challenge: 4-5 days of strength training (or more if our schedules permit) and daily yoga. Daily strength training is workable, at least for me, since we do splits but for those of you who do the total body workout, please refrain from this. Plus I like reclaiming my Sunday mornings back (away from races and events) to focus on strength training.

Kicking start the challenge yesterday: Day 1 – Leg Workout

Supersets of:
a) EPIC hack squat
b) Cybex seated calf raises

Single sets of:
c) Cybex plate loaded leg squat press (just a touch below 700lbs since we were worried about aggravating the hip flexor)
d) Technogym leg extension (drop set on the last)

Supersets of:
e) Cybex prone leg curl
f) {Double} LF leg press (instead of the Technogym although Michael made me do the full weight stack)

Single set of:
g) Nautilus Eagle Abdominal

My thought: super sucky workout because I wasn’t able to push heavier; trust me, I was a grouchy bear and was pretty down yesterday. Yes, all because of a workout. Yes, somehow and somewhat I did expect to bounce back into the groove of things. Obviously that didn’t and will not happen for quite some time. Michael is optimistic that 1 more workout and we should be back in business. This coming from a guy who told me that the standard recovery window was 3-6 months, I was left wondering what he has been smoking! After I picked up my jaw from the floor.

Iyengar yoga in the evening.

Challenge: Checked!

Day 2 – Shoulder Workout

Had a bit of time to sit down and think things through – hey, when you’re outta action due to a pesky hip flexor, you have a LOT of TIME. Now taking stock and looking at the larger perspective, yesterday’s workout went well – of course it did! How else can you explain the DOMS on the glutes?!?!?!?! Came into the gym with renewed hope and confidence and tackled today’s workout. Heck, I even volunteered to do the pull-ups. Guess today Michael was wondering what I was smoking!

Supersets of:
a) Free-standing pull-ups (I volunteered!)
b) Smith machine seated overhead shoulder press (toughie per normal)

Single set of:
c) DB lateral raise (oh wait, this should be the toughie!)

Supersets of:
d) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt
e) BB frontal raise

Supersets of:
f) BB upright row
g) DB bendover rear delt

Single set of:
h) Roller Abs on the Bosu (naturally after the dismal attempt on a free standing fitball)

Hoping to put in a short yoga cum stretching session before dinner. Or maybe just meditation.

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Monica said...

That challenge puts my efforts to shame! You go girl!

Thanks for posting on my first post! Can't believe anybody ready that :)

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