Thursday, October 11, 2012

Recovery Run – 11 October 2012

Route: Seputeh – Desa Waterpark – Taman Desa
Distance: 10.24km (Garmin)
Timing: 55:06 for 5:22 min/km pace

Easy paced run to shake out the legs and as-claimed-by-the-experts, remove the “lactic acid” from the legs. Yesterday’s heavy duty session most definitely did the quads and glutes (especially the glutes!) in.

First half Seputeh – Desa Waterpark (5.101km; 27:46)
Fantastic temps after the overnight rain and I even felt “cold” when I got out of the house this morning. Yip pitty yak with Kenny on the first km; second was getting the body or rather the legs warmed up…spoiler alert: it didn’t happen. Felt speedy on the remaining section. Another lucky break: no chicken poop or rubbish dump “fragrance”.

Desa Waterpark – foot of Taman Desa (2.119km; 11:11)
Continuing with the speedy theme until the climb at the apartments.

Climb to Taman Desa hilltop (1.813km; 10:10)
Naturally, I chose the uphill climb as opposed to battling the headwinds on the flattish Old Klang Road. Hey, someone has to do the dirty job of working the quads and glutes. I. Volunteered.

Taman Desa hilltop - Seputeh (1.209km; 5:43)
Let you in something…I wearing my Goofy smile throughout the run this morning. Happy camper!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading out to a leisurely lunch was at Chynna Hilton Sentral. No pics since we’ve gotta keep up the appearance with the client.

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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