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Gorgeous Fitness Fun Run 2012 – 8km

[edit: Gun timing and link to results page]
Date: 30 September 2012
Venue: Taman Pudu Ulu, Taman Shamelin Perkasa Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Distance: 8km (Garmin: 7.57km)
Timing: 39:19 (Gun); 38:59 (Garmin) 
Pace: 5:08 min/km (Garmin)
Result: 3rd (Women Veteran) (results here)
Website: Info on Trialathon Malaysia here and Gorgeous Fitness link here

This was a neighbourhood race put up by Gorgeous Fitness, a new-ish gym in town. The initial distance of 10km was shortened to 8km due to road works around Taman Pudu Ulu, the start/finishing point. There were probably about 500-600 runners with most participating in the 8km while families with young children and teens took part in the 4.4km Family Run.

This was a loop (or rather 1.5 loops) course with the start time marked at 6:30 am. Yup, the other side of town (Cheras) of which I’ve only been to like 5 times in my life and each of those, someone else was driving! Nonetheless to say, the I’m-so-getting-lost jitters started way before the race!

Since this was put up by the gym, they had the usual humdrum of “senam-robik” (warm ups, stretches etc) lead by their trainers. This delayed the start by about 10 minutes.

Somewhere along the middle of the pack with Yen Erl. Apart from the first 100m heading out through the gates of the park, not much of a congestion. Like I said, small local event. Running around the perimeter of the park and passed Siew Leng after the first left turn.

Roundabout and back roads around 1Shamelin Mall with some shop lots for company. Heard Kah Wai who was manning the intersection calling out to me. Think the first (and only?) hydration station was around here or after that.

Along the main road with whizzing motorists and fumes for company running towards the park.

Now, this is where the odd thing (probably just for me!)…I didn’t realize we were supposed to be running 1.5 or 2 loops because instead of being directed into the park like the Family Run category, the volunteers waved us. Cruel! You can practically hear the announcer calling out the bib numbers and you’re outside the perimeter! This stretch is a repeat of km2-4. Since hearing about the horrors of Taiping, I had the phobia of running the wrong route (hey, I’m not from or familiar with Cheras! So forgive me if my map reading is spotty and didn’t know it was 2 loops!) and slowed down here. Look, there’s something about going to “Holland” and end up with 10km!


a) I was surprised that this event was well put up. I typically set my expectations lower for small, local and neighbourhood events given that possibility of it being inaugural event and lack of experience. However, this event exceeded my expectations, even better organized than BARBAG 2012.

b) Time chipped. Again, this was unexpected although the higher registration fee covered this. I’m OK with forking out RM50 (usual RM20-30 for non-chipped events) if it means a more accurate timing/placing to avoid disputes etc.

c) Plentiful of parking within the park compound and outside the perimeter as well as Menara PGRM.

d) Email reminder for the race pack collection which also included details of the run.

e) Ease of race pack collection at the gym.

f) Early start and finish – we were wrapped up before 9 am and everyone could enjoy the rest of Sunday.

g) Post event management: wide open spaces in the park where runners could hang out, some sponsor booths, cam-whoring with MyFM’s deejays (Emily and Jason) etc.

h) Hydration at the start and finish included water and 100Plus and there was one pit stop along the route.

i) The roads weren’t closed as is typical but there were traffic cones and on one strectch, even a few bar railings with ropes in between the bars. Plus all the intersections were manned by volunteers and I must say vocal enthusiastic and encouraging ones.


a) Due to {major} construction roads, the route wasn’t as great to run. This was on the major road although I was glad that most of the route was around the park and back roads around 1Shamelin Mall. Read: almost non-existent traffic on Sunday morning!

b) No road closures – not too much a problem except on the main road (Jalan 1/91?) where you not only had to contend with whizzing cars and buses but fumes!

c) No distance markers.

d) Think there was only 1 hydration station along the route, around km4.5km? Maybe km5? Could do with an earlier one, say km2 and km5?

Photo log:
(credits to Yap Siew Leng as well)

Swag, Event tee from Puma, Finisher's medal and Prize

With friends

Sponsor booths

Spotted at the park - tai chi session in progress

Prize presentation - Family Category, Men Open, Men Veteran

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