Thursday, August 16, 2012

Kenny Run Days

Desa Park City Run – 15 August 2012

Route: 1 lap around Desa Park City
Distance: 6km (Garmin: 6.02km)
Timing: 32:28 for 5:23 min/km pace

Decided a change of scenery was in the works and met up with Kenny W at Desa Park City (DPC) yesterday evening. The plan was to tag with Kenny for 1 lap – his warm up before his speed work and it was my recovery run (second leg workout for the day). DPC is all asphalt pancake flat except for that 1km at km4 – unfortunately, I had to walk that last 10m of it! {hangs head in shame} Figured it was faster to power walk than run – and my run leading up felt so much like a walk! Unlike most hills and slopes we’ve done, this was a continuous 1km uphill which got steeper and steeper and steeper. Since this was an out-and-back route, the reward was flying down the hills and finishing up at the Waterfront. I’m so gonna conquer that hill the next time and then after that, attempt 2 laps (eekksss!).

We had a brief chat after that and if our schedules match (i.e. his warm up before speed work or recovery runs), I’ll meet him for a short run since I’m trying to incorporate another double workout day into the week. Need to build endurance mah! Plus he starts later than Ronnie’s training and I don’t have to end up frazzled getting work done by 5pm.

Same old, same old, Routine Hill Training – 16 August 2012

Route: 2 laps around Taman Desa Seputeh + 1 lap around Taman Seputeh
Distance: 2 * 4km + 2km = 10km (Garmin: 9.64km)
Timing: 52:18 for 5:25 min/km pace

It was going to be a slow one this morning with Kenny Tan after yesterday’s double. Of course, someone conveniently didn’t let on that he was planning a speedwork. Or maybe I’m just turtle slow. I even contemplated praying for the skies to open up (it rained…like for 10 minutes before I left the house). No bueno. Plus I would feel bad calling it off.

Warm up: House to train station via furniture mall (0.896km; 5:32)
OMG! This is killing me! Kenny is already ahead of me and it’s taking me like 200 500% effort just to stay within 10m of him. Message to sky: please rain and save me!

Lap 1 (3.356km; 18:18)
Darn it! He’s still slightly ahead…can’t let him get too far ahead. Yes, I was planning on a slow pace but not too slow! Type A thingy. #firstworldproblem Guess what…the sky did get my prayer after all! It rained during km2; chance to call it a day after this lap. No bueno. Because it stopped just as we finished km3.

Lap 2 (3.357km; 17:48)
Felt better during this lap – i.e the joints and muscles stopped creaking and groaning - Kenny was still ahead and he definitely speeded up in the last 1.3km! Besides I didn’t want to blow up or use up the tank since I had another 2km to go. Fancied a 10km FB status looked better than 8km. Go Me! Type A thingy. #firstworldproblem

Finishing mile: Train station to house via Old Klang Road loop (2.033km; 10:35)
Thought a lot about the road surface and construction works going on for this stretch to keep the mind off the burning quads. Annoying stupid things. Definitely burning – from both the 500-800m climb and yesterday’s double leg press + 1km climb. Hey, whatever it takes to finish the darn run!

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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