Wednesday, August 1, 2012

{Impromptu} adiNation Training Run – 31 July 2012

a) Boss Ronnie*
b) Goh Shu Wei (CariRunners)*
c) Lai*
d) KK**
e) Vijay**

Route: 1 lap around Lake Gardens + 1 larger lap through Bird Park-Planetarium-National Mosque-school-Butterfly Farm
Distance: 2.3km + 6.8km = 9.1km (Garmin: 8.91km)
Timing: 45:06 for 5:03 min/km pace

*4 laps
**4 laps but started earlier

Missed the morning run because of a miscomm with Kenny (?) (didn’t see him and couldn’t get through on the mobile) but more IMPORTANTLY, there were 2 dogs along his street that were barking ferociously when I got within 10 meters. So yeah, I couldn’t even get out of his street. At least not without the possibility of being shredded to pieces. {Drama Queen}

Life happens.

Made alternative plans to run with Lai in the evening instead. Slow easy paced run was the script and order of the day.

Lap 1 (2.285km; 12:14)
Lai didn’t follow the script!!! He sped up with Boss and GSW! I was sure he did received and read the script! {Drama Queen} Ah…but only for 500m. We then proceeded at a more “leisurely” pace for the remaining of the lap.

Lap 2 (6.620km; 32:49)
Lai was slightly behind at the waterfall slope, not much, maybe 10-20m. All was good. Ran at what-I-thought-was-a-sustainable-pace. Until the slope leading to the Deer Park. From this point, it was an all the way up, up, up, up and up to Planetarium. Whoever said running was therapeutic and meditative?!?!?!?! Met Mr Wan who was leading a group when I was coming down Planetarium – a bit of respite here and at the National Mosque before hitting the up, up, up, up and up at the school, Butterfly Farm and Bird Park.

After this, downhill and flattish route past the BA car park and onto the lakeside. Did pushed the pace slightly on the second lap because I just wanted to be done. Plus I had some pent up anger from work (some doofus just refused to do his own work).

Dinner was this: parboiled noodles with a drizzle of EVO and stir fried tofu and veg.

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