Thursday, July 26, 2012

Training, Training, Training

adiNation Training Run – 25 July 2012

a) Boss Ronnie*
b) Lai**
c) KK***

Route: 1 lap around Lake Gardens + 1 larger lap through Bird Park-Planetarium-National Mosque-school-Butterfly Farm
Distance: 8.47km (Garmin)
Timing: 50:32 for 5:16 min/km pace

*stair training
**with Eileen
***5 laps

Lap 1
No splits as the juice on the Garmin died after this morning’s run. I met up with KK as I was coming out of the ladies near the waterfall (the usual one was closed – probably due to Ramadhan. Yeah, what the h***, right? Not only are restaurants closed but other public amenities too!).

Lap 2
Ronnie joined us and it was more chit-chatting about this Sunday’s run: set up, volunteer and marshal stations, post-run grub, hydration points etc. He tailed off at the staircase to continue with his own regime. Thought Lai was going to join us but apparently he was ambushed by Eileen – who midway during the run, abandoned him.

Lap 3
Somehow KK dropped off at the waterfall in the previous lap and since I was bored (yeah, second lap and I was bored! What can I say…short termism at its best!) and since it has been some time since I tackled the larger route…thought I might as well massacre work the legs. Bumped into Bee Hoon on the way up Bird Park heading to Planetarium looking like death (no, I don’t know how death looks like but I guess I was close enough. You guys can come along next week and be the judge!). The climb at Planetarium sucked everything from me! Zilch juice remaining and I still had to do the school and Bird Park climbs after that! Yeah, someone had the bright idea of “working” the legs!

Lap 4
Back to the lake and decided to run a bit further towards the greenhouse/shed so I could walk the cool down and meet the guys doing the staircase repeats.

Hill Training – 26 July 2012

Route: 2 laps around Taman Desa Seputeh
Distance: 2 * 4km = 8km (Garmin: 8.69km)
Timing: 47:22 for 5:27 min/km pace

After yesterday’s double (yup, one of those days where I attempt to run myself down with a leg workout in the morning and a run in the evening), no surprise that the legs were in no mood to party. I even suggested the 6km route. Request turned down resoundingly. Right, hill training on tired legs builds endurance, right? Or is that a one way ticket to h***? LOL! Well, at least Kenny had a good outing – faster, better splits etc – and will be back in action full swing (read: kicking my butt) next week. Now, maybe that one way ticket could be usefu7l!

And the moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting (hah?! Just me?!)…this morning’s epic realization

a) There’s something to doing or working out the muscles aka recovery runs because I was definitely less sore this morning. The legs were practically comatose and the only comfortable option was being in a horizontal position yesterday afternoon and zzz. Good thing I had the afternoon off.

b) I should ditch the worn out Vibrams. Worn out in my case = huge hole on the sole. Or maybe it was every friggin pebble was out to stab me this morning!

Bento Box Breakfast:

Croissant (the vegan version) with honey

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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