Monday, June 4, 2012

Five Things Monday

I kinda dig the bullet (or rather numbered) format of FTF and thought it would be nice to have it for Mondays for a wrap up of the weekend. Of course, if there’s anything interesting to share. Warning: picture heavy post!

How was everyone’s weekend? I know that Jess and friends back in UK are enjoying an extended weekend with QE’s Diamond Jubilee celebration. Ok, I’m definitely envious because it’s so hard to coming into the office this morning especially after a fun-filled weekend.

1. The weekend kicked off with a group run with Tham, Siak Yeng, Hooi and a few other friends. I opted for the 19-20km option while the rest went with 25km (makes it sound like a restaurant menu, eh?). Ran with Tham for the first half and with Hooi on the return journey. Easy comfortable pace – shout out to the guys! Followed this up with a “planned” 19-20km (same route) on Sunday with Kenny. Now tell me this: which part of a 4-hour pacer do you not understand???? LOL! The dude went faster way faster than his MP! Something like 5-5:15 min/km and at some point, even 4:50 min/km. I bailed out and decided to do the DH route. Kenny was a gem and decided to stick with me even though I told him to go ahead and finish his second BA-Hartamas set (19-20km). oh yeah, totally kicked my butt keeping up with him. I owe each and every one of the guys a huge favour!

2. Saturday evening was The Marathon Shop’s opening dinner. Think lots of discounts on all running gear (Vibrams, Garmin, Injijji socks, camelbacks etc) and naturally buffet dinner. Here’s the spread.

3. Kelvin’s wedding lunch reception at Noble Banquet yesterday and the most awesome was the carrying of the bride into the room in this.

Very traditional. I doubt even this is practiced in China these days.

With friends.

Glorious food abound!

4. Hands up anyone who went to bed at or before 9 last night! I had a light dinner (Chinese pastry with black sesame seed filling – recycled pic) since I was stuffed from lunch before lights out. Totally and absolutely wiped out from the weekend’s activities.

5. Lastly onto mundane stuff, yesterday and this morning’s workout. Yes, I put in a strength training session after my run and the previous day’s long run. Super duper sore naturally…and that’s just from yesterday. The back and lats will be kicking up a fuss soon.

Chest on Sunday
Single sets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (and I broke 65lbs!)
b) Smith machine incline chest press
c) DB bench chest press (the weight wasn’t the issue, just the balancing)
d) Technogym cable chest fly (oh whoa…heavy + difficult = Sue looking like a dork!)
e) Push-ups on Bosu (hips more or less gave way towards the end of each set. Phail!)
f) Kettlebell pull-overs
g) Abs crunches on fit ball

Backs & Lats Today
Single sets of:
a) LF cable lat pull-down (medium grip) (whoops…I should have gone with the shoulders option when Michael offered!)
b) LF cable low row (hmm…heavy but I’m not dying dying, so maybe back & lats is a better option. Let’s hope these words don’t come back to bite me!)
c) Precor T-bar row (OMG…45lbs isn’t too bad. Are we onto a winning streak here???!!!)
d) DB bendover back row (ok, maybe it’s time to chew my earlier words)
e) LF cable upper back row with iron bar
f) LF cable criss cross rear delt (we both agreed that this is a more difficult option compared to the Technogym)
g) LF cable pressdown (the first set was ok-ish; naturally it gets uglier when someone piles on the weights!)
h) Reverse abs crunches

What???? No pull-ups or chin-ups today?

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