Friday, May 4, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. TGIF! Today couldn’t come sooner! Have been demotivated, demoralized and a Debbie Downer since Wednesday – sorry no details at this moment. Looking forward to enjoying the weekend with fam and friends.

2. Good thing the AC in the house, car and office are humming swimmingly because I was a sour puss during yesterday’s ride back to the office after our meeting. I felt like some roasted char siew. This was the equation: sat in inching traffic for 2 hours + funky i.e. non-functioning AC in the car + temps of above 35 degrees + bazillion % humidity. It was a wonder I did not strangle myself!

3. Bento Box Lunch: salad which I’ll be dressing with vegan soy mayo

4. Felt like an old lady, like oh maybe 150 years old, when I woke up this morning. No wait, the leg muscle degeneration started yesterday morning. Who am I kidding…I feel and am old! Since I’m on my last vestiges of being alive, it is a perfectly legitimate excuse to gorge myself, right?

5. Was seriously lacking motivation this morning. Seriously. Big time. Not sure if it’s due to the load we’ve been putting on for the past few weeks or if I’m distracted with work etc. Back workout this morning…and there was no escaping the pull-ups, free-standing, reverse or otherwise. Er just how many pull-ups can there be???

Supersets of:
a) LF cable lat pull-down (close grip)
b) DB bendover back row (got lucky…think or looks like reduced weight…but Michael upped the reps)

Supersets of:
c) LF cable low row
d) LF cable dual handle upper back row

Supersets of:
e) Modified TRX reverse pull-ups (egads!)
f) Seated {on fitball} Technogym cable lat pull-down (I take the “egads” back; double egads!)

Supersets of:
g) Technogym cable criss cross rear delt
h) Kettlebell single arm row

Supersets of:
i) Free-standing pull-ups on True Stretch (and I made the mistake of “offering” to do it on the wider handle. FML)
j) Roller abs (at one point in the second set, it all clicked – you know that feeling when you realized the connection or how you should do the movement etc…after all this while. What can I say? I’m a slow learner.)

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