Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update

Bullet style…picture heavy…since I’m tied up with work

• Another sweat-fest weekend with 2 runs, both easy but more importantly, it was enjoyed in the company of friends. First up was a short run around Kampung Pasir with Kenny and the following day, with the whole jing gang (Kei Ming, Chia Ee, Loh, Fong, Ronnie, LikSng, Adam, KK, Fabio etc) for the trudge to Hartamas.

Consecutive day workouts (chest and back) with Michael – yes, I do realize that we did a strength training after my LONG RUN yesterday. Like HTN says, I’m loony.

Dinner with the fam at Oriental Pavillion on Saturday and I’ll let the pics do the talking. Take it away…

Appetizer – canapés of asparagus, stirfried chicken and mushroom on a mantau dumpling and zucchini spring roll (clockwise)

Roast piglet – there were 2 versions: one was meatier while the other resemble a Peking duck version (i.e. skins only) with a salad accompaniment

Prawns in ginseng and rice wine

Stirfried asparagus, bell peppers and mushroom with fried lotus root on the side

Dessert was steamed cake, Chinese biscuits and longan/fungus dessert soup

In between they served lime-lemonade juice for us to cleanse our palate

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