Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Consecutive Day Workouts…no big deal

Or so I thought in my warped mind. Tag on a long run over the weekend. Notwithstanding that the latter was at an easy chit-chat pace, it’s still a long run which is why the rest of Monday and today was dedicated to Thursday’s 3R mantra. At least that was my excuse for gorging on a jackfruit (yeah, you read that right..a jackfruit) cake my cousin gave me. Here’s what we did on Sunday and yesterday

Chest Workout

Single sets of:
a) Hoist chest press (modified with iron bar)
b) DB incline chest press
c) Smith machine bench chest press
d) LF cable chest fly

Supersets of:
e) Free-standing dips
f) Push-ups

Single set of:
g) Reverse abs crunches

Back/lats Workout

Supersets of:
a) LF cable lat pull-down
b) LF cable upper back row (dual handle)

Supersets of:
c) LF cable low row
d) DB bendover row

Supersets of:
e) TRX reverse pull-ups
f) Technogym cable criss cross lat pull-down

Supersets of:
g) Free-standing chin-ups on TrueStretch (hmmm…dare I hope that I’m getting the hang of this?)
h) BB pull-overs

Single set of:
i) Abs crunches on fitball

Short run this morning followed by cross training on the elliptical. I had the crazy insane lofty idea of doing a 5km + elliptical + 5km…lucky the stars knew better and put a STOP to it. Or rather I ran out of time for the last 5km. Obviously, such a proposition is completely CONTRADICTORY to the first paragraph of this post. I’m psychotic and muddled individual. Now, tell me why you’re still reading this blog?!?!?!

Bento Box Lunch: Leftovers from the weekend's dinner - fried noodles with fish fillet (I omitted this since I'm vegan but I'm flexible when it comes to food...as long as I don't partake in meat/seafood). Anyway, I thought this pic looks way cooler than if I had posted the noodles in my lunchbox.

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