Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Things Friday

1. This should be a Six Things Saturday post since FTF is usually my last for the work week. Yeah, I’m working tomorrow or rather will be cooped up in a room with 115 of my colleagues for a work training event. Can’t you tell we’re all thrilled at the prospect of giving up our weekend for which we don’t get compensated (apart from enriching our minds)? Oh well, we gotta do what we gotta do to bring home the bacon. Ok, now that sounds even dubious since I’m vegan.

2. It’s been hot and muggy this past week with temps of 32C. This has been wrecking havoc with my appetite which of course, was not stellar to begin with and which is why I found myself having cold milk and granolas/cereals for dinner last night instead of brekkie. And this probably explains item 5 below. So not happening. Oy, weather/temps, please fix yourself up, PRONTO.

3. Even more not amusing is stabbing your toe with your stiletto heels. FIRST. THING. IN. THE. MORNING. In case you’re wondering, this works better than java in perking you up. Just saying.

4. Bento Box Brekkie: PB toast - using up the last bit of my {homemade} multi grain loaf

5. Short quick run around the neighbourhood this morning before meeting up with Michael. It was SUPPOSED to be a recovery run i.e. slow and easy but it wasn’t. You’re surprised??? If you’ve been hanging around here, you should know that I can’t run ‘slow” when I’m solo. Yes, I’m learning…sorry, I digress. Oh yeah, the first thing Michael said when he saw me this morning was “You look tired. Are you OK? Do you want to do this?” Sorry, I digress (AGAIN). That was before proceeding to flog my shoulders and arms…continuously…for the next 1 hour.

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine seated overhead shoulder press
b) DB lateral raise (while continuously telling me to open my arms wider a.k.a. don’t cheat)
c) DB seated overhead shoulder press
d) LF cable criss cross for rear delt (this would also be the right time to say I would trade this workout for the Technogym one. @LF: It was a difficult decision but you and I don’t seem to collaborate well. @Technogym: I’m sorry for being harsh on you…can we be friends?)

Supersets of:
e) Skullcrusher / French press (my triceps were positively shaking on the last reps…of EACH SET)
f) BB bicep curl (we went straight to the heaviest from the last round instead of building up gradually)

Supersets of:
g) Hoist seated dip
h) DB single arm bicep curl (crap! I thought we were done at (f)!)

Single set of:
i) Reverse abs crunches

Oh wow, this post looks like Debbie Downer…sorry guys…will make it up with food porn next week since we’re having a fam get-together this weekend with Aunty Lilian in town.

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