Monday, March 19, 2012

Manic Monday…but before that…

Let’s do a 10-pointer Thankful post to kick start the week instead of the usual weekend recap. Yes, I do realize that some of you are probably getting a bit jaded. And definitely before work (and life) turns manic; it does around here.

1. I’m THANKFUL for the sweat-fest (taking cue from Emily) of a weekend.

2. I’m THANKFUL to have “survived” a long run on Saturday with one of my best buddies; yeah, it’s been a while since either of us have done anything longer than 10km.

3. I’m THANKFUL to have the same buddy stick by me during a recovery run yesterday despite my incessant whine-fest, heckling whatever; he absolutely refused to leave me, agreed to skip the hillier route, encouraged me and walked the cool down with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Wong Sifu. Did I also mentioned that he gamely carried the spare change from the 100Plus we bought on our long run?

4. I’m THANKFUL for Richard’s class and made it through the headstand with his steadying hand…after turning turtle on my first attempt (yo, I totally blame the fatigue from the earlier long run).

5. I’m THANKFUL that Michael piled on the weight plates yesterday and this morning and “forced” me to complete the dips and chin-ups.

6. I’m THANKFUL to have Chayy sort out the kinks (not kinky!!!) in me.

7. I’m THANKFUL for the wonderful mushroom pasta (made with soy mayo to cater for my vegan diet nonetheless!) I received yesterday.

8. I’m THANKFUL for Max Mara, Jim Thompson (silk scarf from SW and HTN below; still love it after all theses years...don't's a lot of years) and Stuart Weitzman (this one would be debatable at the end of the day but let’s roll with it).

9. I’m THANKFUL to Saiful for making an exception and allowing me to attend an event which I’ve no business doing so owing to my procrastination, laziness etc on registering.

10. I’m THANKFUL to have 15 minutes to put this post together.

We’re all a little guilty of taking things and most importantly, people for granted…what are the things and people you’re THANKFUL for today?

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!

[Going with the green theme in celebration of St Patrick’s Day]

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