Monday, March 5, 2012

Starting the week with Back-and-chest Workouts

The weekend was less insane than it usually is i.e. no back-to-back errands, events, whatever. Because

I spent most of it comatose – full-blown-flu. Enough said. I did manage to head out for an easy run with Adam on Saturday before yoga and the World Kidney Day Run 2012 yesterday – every one of those done on half strength. The rest of the weekend = long naps in the afternoon, early to bed at night, hydrating with loads of fluids.

Poor Michael…stubbed and fractured his pinky toes yesterday but he was still a champ and came out this morning. It’s a minor fracture (relative to the whole scheme of fractures and compared to mine) and we think he should be good to go by week 2-3. Back/lats and chest/pecs this morning and all supersets.

Supersets of:
a) Free-standing pull-ups (we’re back in business of killing moi and I surprised myself by “surviving” the slaughter. Somewhat. I. think. I. Hope.)
b) Free-standing dips (I told Michael that I would rather do an extra 5 of these in place of the first one)

Supersets of:
c) BB bench chest press (Michael absolutely forbid me and refused to do the one with the Smith machine because he wants me to learn how to balance better…not that he reduced the plate weights that much!)
d) LF cable low row (medium grip)

Supersets of:
e) Smith machine bench incline chest press (and I went out of my mind and asked to load up and when Michael says: ok, a bit, he means no less than 10lbs…on each side)
f) Bendover back row with plate weight

Supersets of:
g) LF cable chest fly seated on fit ball
h) LF cable lat pull-down (close-mid grip with curvy iron bar)

Supersets of these with the Bosu:
i) Push-ups
j) Abs crunches

Monday’s Bento Box Challenge: Leftover mushroom soup; I added some Nestum for bulk

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