Thursday, March 22, 2012

adiNation Training Run – 21 March 2012

a) Boss Ronnie*
b) Group Lead Kei Ming
c) Bee Hoon
d) KK**
e) Adam**
f) Vijay**
g) Lai**

Route: 3 laps around LG
Distance: 3 * 2.3km = 6.9km (Garmin: 6.87km)
Timing: 35:11 for 5:07 min/km pace

*3 * 2.8km but cut short due to eyewear malfunction
**on their own

Kei Ming and I decided to run the laps in reverse and met up with Bee Hoon near the waterfall. As we each did a tough workout/run in the previous day (it was a double workout for me yesterday), we took things easy. I’m thinking our Wednesday training runs will be my easy runs…although the final timing and splits look scary to me – I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the numbers are real. I mean, they look way too fast.

Lap 1 (2.279km; 12:47 min)
We started slowwarm up plus it was hot and muggy out there yesterday before meeting up with Bee Hoon. Lots of catching up; bumped into Lai near the bathrooms at the lake. Bee Hoon needed the company after a long night in the office the previous day and some deadlines earlier.

Lap 2 (2.287km; 11:25 min)
Still talking; bumped into Lai and then Adam. I felt much better – guessed the legs got the message to stop whining we’re going to have to finish at least 3 laps. And probably about the time/distance for them not to be miserable or feel like I will die.

Lap 3 (2.291km; 10:53 min)
Somehow along the way at the end of lap 2, I lost Bee Hoon’s voice but thought she was behind us (she actually finished at lap 2). Kei Ming and I ran side-by-side for most of the way. The legs and glutes were sore (so glad we had rolling hills/slopes rather than steep ones!) and I decided to call it a day though urging Kei Ming to go for another lap (he declined). We also bumped into CK on this lap.

Update today

It was hot and muggy when I stepped out of the house this morning…yeah, the planned easy recovery run wasn’t happening. That coupled with sore glutes = easy cross training on the elliptical in a AC-ed gym.

It was hot and muggy when I stepped into the gym this morning…, yeah, the AC-ed gym thing – short-lived dream.

Bento Box Challenge: Fried rice which the stall aunty generously decided to give me 3 portions and half of one of those consumed for lunch…before I realized I forgot to take a pic!

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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