Thursday, March 29, 2012

adiNation Training Run – 29 March 2012

a) Boss Ronnie
b) Bee Hoon
c) KK
d) Adam
e) Vijay
f) Lawrence

Route: 3 laps around LG
Distance: 3 * 2.3km = 6.9km (Garmin: 7.33km – story below)
Timing: 39:31 for 5:23 min/km pace

Glutes and quads were sore from the morning’s sessionno surprise there since DOMS ALWAYS come early. Heck, it shouldn’t even be called DOMS, at least for me. Decided right away that it’ll be an easy run.

Lap 1 (0.693km; 3:58 min)
Met up with KK, Bee Hoon and Vijay just before the waterfall and tagged along – they were on lap 2 and were doing fartleks. Nope, legs didn’t wanna f*** whatsoever and I kept to a steady pace and would eventually catch up with them on their recovery portion.

Lap 2 (2.258km; 11:52 min)
Ronnie joined us and naturally being the competitive one, didn’t allow anyone to speed ahead of him. Nope, legs still didn’t wanna f*** whatsoever.

Lap 3 (2.148km; 12:18 min)
Lap 4 for KK, Bee Hoon and Vijay – cool down lap. Legs should have been overjoyed but somehow felt warmed up and wanted to speed up. The dude ought to have checked the memo and did that in lap 2, not lap 3!!! Had to dial him in a bit to keep with the group. Adam joined us in this lap while Ronnie went off on his usual evening “stroll”.

Lap 4 (2.216km; 11.18 min)
Ran with Adam and Lawrence with a goal to keep it easy – no point taxing the legs. Nope, it didn’t happened; the legs had other ideas (AS USUAL) though I only let them loose after the 1km mark.

Not too sure why the lap distances, especially the one on 3, appears out of whack.

Today’s workout

Woke up with lead legs and only managed to hammer out a short run but the amazing thing was the average pace – the same as for Tuesday (done on “fresher” legs). Freaky, huh?

Bento Box Lunch: Overnight oats/Nestum with a pineapple & mango spread for a sweetener

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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