Thursday, March 1, 2012

adiNation Training Run – 29 February 2012

a) Boss Ronnie*
b) Group Lead Kei Ming

Route: 3 laps around LG
Distance: 3 * 2.3km = 6.9km (Garmin: 6.89km)
Timing: 34:59 for 5:04 min/km pace

*hill repeats

Kei Ming and I decided to run the laps in reverse; there wasn’t anyone else around – believe KK, Vijay and Bee Hoon had started earlier (prompted by the omnipresent threatening dark skies?). Ronnie came a bit later and ran the 200-300m hill repeats.

It had rained earlier in the afternoon, so the lower temps (and not much humidity – score!) made for a pleasant run. Minus the slippery path near the stairs heading to Carcosa. Extremely slippery – wet path + water soaked leaves.

Lap 1 (2.298km; 12:33 min)
Warm up lap with some chit chat even though we had a long one over dinner on Sunday. How is it that runners have so much to talk about?!?!?!

Lap 2 (2.289km; 11:20 min)
Slightly faster but nothing heartbreaking (yet). The shins were holding their own. Surprise! Surprise!...not so much today though…still unable to wear work shoes, still in Terra Plana.

Lap 3 (2.288km; 10:59 min)
Heartbreak comes after the first km into the lap…Kei Ming decided to speedy up and I tried (obviously unsuccessfully!) to follow along. Gap between us widens but he was within sight; we were probably about 50m apart? And to think that this guy ran in his pasar malam Crocs! Yes, you read that right. RM23 sandals. To add salt to the wound, he decided to run one hill repeat with Ronnie…and beat him outright! Folks…looks like it’s time to ditch the RM500 shoes.

There was a 12m with 2 seconds on the Garmin – must have stopped the timer slightly later.

Good thing we finished up at lap 3 because it started to pour just as Ronnie and Kei Ming wrapped up their hill repeat.

Bento Box Challenge: back to my trusty sandwiches (soy floss), baby carrots (unpictured! opps! I forgot!), pear. I'm also indulging with a small piece of choc cakey.

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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