Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pec-king Order

Remember how most organizations or teams are structured? Top-down. Back and lats on Monday, chest and pecs today. That’s how this week’s workout is turning out.

Michael took one look at my shins and decided that our original plan would have to be postponed. It’s frustrating dealing with a cantankerous child! Oh come on, it’s day 3 already. Anyone has a quick remedy for shin splints?

4-5 Single sets of:
a) Smith machine bench chest press (er er er 140lbs?!?!?!?! If anyone wants a cheap and quick breast reduction surgery, this comes highly recommended.)
b) Smith machine incline chest press
c) 10 degree incline chest press with DB
d) Technogym cable chest fly

Supersets of:
e) Kettlebell pull-overs (another surgery option for those who would like to rearrange their face)
f) Decline pushups (after failing to do the handstand one)
g) Wheelie

Wednesday’s Bento Box Challenge: leftovers Spanish cous cous

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