Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Brick-ish Training – 21 February 2012 and Bento Box Challenge

Route: 2 laps around Bird Park
Distance: 2 * 2.6km = 5.2km (Garmin: 5.22km)
Timing: 26:50 for 5:08 min/km pace

Day 2 of “new” training plan. This was a recovery run of sorts after yesterday’s tempo (yes, tempo run before strength training). The idea was to take it slower since I had another 60 min on the elliptical after this. Yeah, most people do a swim+bike+run for their “Brick” or any of the combo and I do a run+cross trainer, whatever rocks my boat (or theirs for that matter).

And onto our Bento Box Challenge…I got these from BMC over the weekend

Soy sandwich spread and Soy Floss with seaweed

On an open face sandwich

Which goes into the-currently-plain-Tupperware-which-I’m-claiming-to-be-my-pseudo-Bento Box (reminder to self: RED ALERT: need to get some kawaii Bento Box soon!)

And now can I “comprain” about DOMS? Notwithstanding that everyone is tired of hearing my whining…but mom thought me to share…so if anyone wants some muscle soreness, let me know. LOL!

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kw gallery said...

Nice...Simple...and HEALTHY...as always^^ yummy~

mine 1..is "WantanMee"..