Monday, February 20, 2012

Chest-and-Back Workout with

… a Bento Box thrown in for good measure.

Do you guys really want to know about my mundane workouts or my whining about them??? Thought so. Remember KW and I were discussing Bento box and packed lunches? Well, no kawaii Bento box yet but this is my lunchie today: leftovers from dinner – Mamak Mee in all its greasy glory.

Anyone else brings lunch from home? I find this option works best for me for a number of reasons:
- I’m vegan, so finding vegan-friendly meals can a tad difficult
- Portion, ingredients, sodium, oil (minus today’s lunch!) control is easier to manage
- I get to catch up on emails and news during lunch

I wonder how long I can keep up with this Bento box challenge both with remembering taking pics and meal variety. I’m not taking bets on either!

Double whammy on the legs (Friday’s workout and Saturday’s hill training with Kei Ming) = sore quads and glutes…and they’re still sore 3 days later. This is good, right? Means those lil’ fellas were worked? I skipped a run yesterday to “baby” them but even the elliptical was tough. I practically collapsed on the bed over the weekend – every nap and sleep – even when lying down, those fellas were twitching and nagging. And let’s not talk about the crawl up the stairs – the 10 odd steps felt like Mount Kinabalu!

Since the legs were out of commission, Michael and I worked the upper body – Chest yesterday and Back this morning. Mostly single sets – slow and controlled movements, negatives. Call it tough love and now in addition to the legs, the upper body is sore. I should PM Pui San for a sports massage.

Chest and Tricep

Single sets of:
a) Smith machine incline chest press
b) BB bench chest press
c) LF cable chest fly
d) {Slight incline} DB chest press (it’s an in between a flat and incline movement since only the upper back is supported on the bench)
e) Decline push-ups on the Bosu
f) Abs on wheels (right…the obliques are sore today; basically every inch of me is immobile today)
g) Single arm DB tricep press


Single sets of:
a) Hoist lat pulldown
b) LF low row
c) Precor T-bar row
d) TRX reverse pull-ups

Supersets of:
e) Seated Technogym criss cross combo of lat pulldown
f) Technogym cable pull-ups

Supersets of:
g) Free standing pull-ups (yes, really doing even 5-6 is a killer in itself...)
h) Reverse abs crunches


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