Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hectic Saturday and Toned Down Sunday

Boy, Saturday was a whirlwind of stuff. Started the day with an {extremely easy paced} long run with Kenny; well, there was hardly anything but easy after Friday's torture "exhilarating" session with Michael. In fact, I was surprised I managed to finish the run without calling for a cab. Oh, you don't know how many gazillion times I wish I wanted to do that! The first half towards and around Kampung Pasir was painful, so I guess the cold 100Plus at the halfway mark was the saviour. Thank you 100Plus! You saved my life! Anyway, 20km = done and dusted.

Ever tried walking on jello feet? Yes, that was me you saw shuffling between The Gardens and Mid Valley Megamall on Saturday morning. Now will someone please tell me why I didn't know Jusco stocked Coleman...before I crabwalked all the way to Gardens to find out that they were sold out?!?!?!

At The Gardens

and Mid Valley Megamall

Lunchie and dinner with family. Here are some of the stuff from last night's dinner (bottom of post).

I was so glad to use yesterday's long run as an excuse NOT to join the guys for their LSD LFD (Long Fast Distance) this morning and instead, ran with Chia Ee and Sharon before meeting Michael. Our chest routine this morning (lots of machine work instead of the usual free weights - a welcome change):

4 Single Sets of:
a) Cybex Eagle Chest Press
b) Nautilus Nitro Plus Incline Chest Press
c) Nautilus Chest Fly

Supersets of:
d) Free-standing dips
e) Freemotion cable Chest Fly

Supersets of:
f) Leg raises
g) Hoist Chest Press

Photo log of yesterday's dinner and lo behold, I could actually start eating immediately as opposed to skipping the usual first 5-6 dishes of the set menu. All dishes, except the fish head came immediately.

Stirfried French beans and eggplant - very good; too bad they didn't have more of the latter

Stirfried assorted veg (bell peppers, carrots, snap peas etc), assorted mushrooms (button, shitake, flower etc) with bean curd - loved this dish!

Steamed chicken with "kai lan" - very clean and the meat was "smooth"

Fried prawns in crumbs with mayo melon at the bottom - a new twist with the fruit

Mandy's favourite - plain omelette

Braised fatty pork - too bad they didn't have "mantau" because I gathered from my grandma that it would have been awesome-sauce. Then again, she commented that it would be nothing compared to those in Beijing. Oh and those few slivers of veg you see...I hardly doubt it'll help in any way with the cholestrol level after gorging on this. LOL! Ahhh...but it's CNY, so eat with the probs later...or never.

The highlight of the meal - Steamed Fish Head in soy sauce and ginger strips

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