Monday, January 30, 2012

Backs & Lats

And no pull-ups or chin-ups…at least the free-standing ones! I don’t know if I should be happy or wretched (yeah, sado-maso raising its head here); on the one hand, it’s tough and on the other, I know how good it is for me. Michael is probably saving it for Wednesday or Thursday or both. It was lots of single sets this morning:

4 Supersets of:
a) BB deadlift (and I actually asked him to increase the plate weights; see I did tell you about my sado-maso inclination!)
b) LF cable dual handle back row

4 Single sets of:
c) LF cable lat pull-down (close grip and surprise, surprise…last week’s heaviest didn’t feel too bad)
d) LF cable single arm back row (oddly, the leftie was better…especially since I’m right-handed)
e) LF cable low row (medium grip)
f) LF cable back pressdown with iron bar (spoke too soon! The leftie gave up on me here!)
g) Technogym cable pull-ups
h) Reverse abs crunches with the final 5-10 being half crunches

I need to get new gym gloves...absolutely procrastinated over it enough…oh, for about like a year…maybe 2. Ok, maybe a year. The padding is a goner and I was crudely reminded of this this morning – calluses on the balls of the left hand. Cue: congratulate me on my super "dainty" and "soft-like-a-baby's-bottom" hands now!

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