Thursday, January 12, 2012

adiNation Training Run & Interval Training

adiNation Training Run – 11 January 2012

a) “Boss” Ronnie
b) Lai
c) KK*
d) Vijay*
e) Suresh*
f) Adam^
g) Dato’ Yazid^
h) Suresh (from TM)^

Route:2 laps of hills and 1 lap around Lake Gardens
Distance: 2 laps * 3.2km + 2.3km = 8.7km (Garmin: 8.57km)
Timing: 46:29 for 5:25 min/km pace

* 2 laps of LG – Planetarium – National Mosque = 13km
^ Laps around LG

Shoutout to Kei Ming: Please come back soon; I’m practically dying on each training run because Boss is forcing making <insert any other suitable adjective; help me out here, my brain is fuzzy> me run with him.

Lo behold, I now know why everyone starts earlier than the appointed 6:30pm (except moi naturally)! Oy, why didn’t everyone tell me?!?!?!

Lap 1 (3.13km; 18:14min)
Impromptu hill training vs Ronnie’s original plan of an easy recovery jog (is that even in his vocab???!!!) when we joined Adam and gang who were finishing their first lap. Ronnie had a minor cardiac when Adam led the way up Carcosa and to spite innocent bystanders a.k.a. me, decided we should run the hills. I think it would have been faster if I power walk them instead of running! There was a wrong turn around km2 and a near crashing into cyclists at km3; so apart from those…survived intact. Sort of.

Lap 2 (3.15km; 16:56min)
As we were on the theme of “cardiac arrest” and “revenge”, it was only appropriate for Lai to join us in the second lap. His third run after MR25. Yeah, absolutely fitting, won’t you say?

Lap 3 (2.29km; 11:15min)
No wonder Lai decided to drop us in the third lap – he thought we were going for another “horror of the hills run”. Ronnie mistook my dry heaving and probably deathly pallor for the coming-on of a major cardiac…his guess wouldn’t be too far from the truth…but it was mainly because I raced up the hills. Hey, the sooner you get it done, the better right? No? You mean I should prolong the agony of dying on the hills? Clearly I must have missed the memo on this.

Hence it was the smaller lap around the lake to finish things off. Oh talking about finishing things off, he had the idea of racing up the hill at the waterfalls. Awesome-sauce, huh?

Interval Training – 12 January 2012

Route: Seputeh – Desa Watepark
Distance: 5 * 1km with 5 min RI
Timing: 52:58 for 5:11 min/km pace

More “horror” this morning although Kenny had forewarned me last night.

If I had one iota of sanity, I would have bailed out of this, especially after yesterday’s run. I showed up this morning which naturally goes to show that I’ve zero mental capacity.

Lap 1: Good, draft the vehicles flying down Old Klang Road.

Lap 2: A bit of an upslope along the main road of Taman Desa; some silent cursing; some silent begging for this silly business of exceptionally-good-for-you intervals to end.

Lap 3: Half way mark with the turnaround at Desa Waterpark. We’re half way there…thank heavens. Watch out for the uneven road surfaces! In the unlit street (at the waterpark). More begging which is now audible for this to stop.

Lap 4: Race up the slope which we crested in lap 2 but this was mainly downhill. Tank is almost empty and told Kenny that there was no way I could do another set. Nope, it’s inexcusable, we gotta finish it. Crap! Crap! Crap!

Lap 5: Empty tank and Kenny took the lead – good thing…left to me, I would have walked back. I kid you not. Oh forget about form and breathing in the last set – everything just gets thrown out of the window. If you have snapped a picture of me this morning, I can guarantee you that it’ll win the world’s ugliest award…if you didn’t puke before then.

Thursday’s Mantra: 3Rs - Rest, Re-hydrate, Re-fuel.

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