Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Houston, we’ve a problem

Woke up to about-to-come-on-something-something Achilles tendon; it’s not painful or swollen or sore (Michael checked as well) but it’s not all perky like its right twin either. Something’s coming up (oy…sneaky sneaky!) and I’m all about hitting the brakes before it can rear its head, will see what Dr Google recommends.

Problemo nummer zwei
Michael put me through the paces for lats and backs including 4 sets of pull-ups! Oy!

4 Single sets of:
  1. LF cable lat pulldown (medium grip)
  2. LF cable lat/back pressdown with rope
  3. LF cable low row (second to last close grip bar)
  4. Free-standing pull-ups (we did it on the LF bars instead of the Precor…works better for moi in terms of grip. Not like you didn’t know I’ve the tiniest hands in town. You didn’t know? Are you sure?!?!?! Could have swore that you’ve been stalking me on this blog and IRL.)
  5. LF cable dual handle back row
  6. LF cable tricep pressdown with medium grip iron bar
  7. Abs crunches on the fitball (last set was a narrow one)
Problemo nummer drei

Figuring out the cheapest, fastest and least layovers way to get to Houston. NASA not included. And neither is the Virgin Galactic though if this was a viable option, the first sentence of this paragraph becomes a mute point.

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