Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Progressive Run – 20 December 2011

Route: BA > Bird Park > Planetarium > National Mosque > LG + 2 laps around LG + 200m

Distance: 10.04km

Timing: 53:22 for 5:18 min/km pace

BA > Bird Park > Planetarium > National Mosque (~4.8km)

There’s something about tackling the most difficult portion of the run a.k.a. hills (unless you’re a fan of them) in the earlier part of the run:

(1) You’re fresh and have boundless energy…TECHNICALLY

(2) It’s dark when you start and you can’t see two hoots how steep the Planetarium is

As usual, I had the notion of taking it easy as a sort of recovery run and maybe do 4 laps around the lake. Nopez, that didn’t happen.

1 lap around LG (~2.8km)

In a MIGHTY effort to slow down and take it easy, I thought of throwing in some more hills into the run and did the outer loop at the back of Carcosa.

Mission FAILED. I probably ran up faster than I normally do unless of course I had Ronnie on my heels.

1 lap around LG (~2.3km)

Noticed how the loops getting tinier and tinier as we progress? Totally normal for moi since this is about the time I get bored and wanted to be done with. Of course, if I had taken it SLOW and EASY, it would not have happened and I can run on and on.

Pipe dreams.

The Garmin clocked 9.8km at the playground and I rounded it up with a 200m sprint.

Xmas Countdown: 4 Days

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