Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ayam Back!

Ronnie’s modified colloquial (if you can call it that!) for: I am Back! Totally swamped with work so this will be a short post on this morning’s workout.

Backs and Chest:

4 Supersets of:

a) Smith machine bench chest press

b) LF cable lat pulldown (close grip)

Supersets of:

c) Smith machine incline chest press

d) LF cable back row with iron bar (targeting the upper back, so didn’t bend too low)

Supersets of:

e) LF cable chest fly

f) LF cable low row (medium grip)

Supersets of:

g) Free standing pull-ups

h) Free standing dips

Single sets of:

i) Leg raises

Received an email from Marathon Photos this morning of Sunday’s run – for the first time, my Garmin was in sync with the official time! And the pics didn’t look too bad (previous pics have me with the death look – I kid you not).

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