Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recovery Run – 16 November 2011

Route: KLCC Park

Distance: 12.87km

Timing: 1:17:52 for 6:03 min/km pace

Recovery run with SW and HTN since Michael had a family emergency i.e. I showed up unannounced (I did texted her although she didn’t check her phone till I got there!) at 6 am. Yeah, that’s how we dig. I figured a recovery run was in order after Sunday’s race and to avoid having my recovery run turned into a tempo run, it was best to tag along with SW and HTN. See my advice here.

The morning was cool after yesterday’s downpour and I even regretted wearing my SCSM running vest – should have gone with one of the short sleeve Adidas. Oh well, nothing can be done.

SW decided we should do the reverse looping and set her watch for a 7-8 mile run a.k.a. 11-12 laps around the park. I nearly had a cardiac on hearing this; if you know me well enough, I don’t do well with laps. By the second or third, I’ll be bored out of my mind. Guess what…it didn’t happen this morning although I lost count of the laps by the third or so. I took in the sights of the buildings around KLC, the CrossFit or Bootcamp training-in-progress and generally kept the pace easy. HTN dropped off at the halfway mark as planned and SW and I plowed on. At this pace, I felt I could have gone on and on and do a 20-25km.

The park was a bit crowded this morning – yes, at 6:15 am. I saw a few friends – AJ and TPC; SW saw her neighbor etc. All in, a great start to Wednesday.

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