Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Discipline & Resting

Let’s talk about discipline today, specifically discipline on resting, taking it a notch or even 3 notches down or stretching. Ok, maybe I’m not the best person to talk about this especially on the last once since you know…you know me if you read my post last week!

Resting (or active rest) and taking it easy after a period of sustained hard workouts allows the body to absorb the benefits of the workout, fuel and grow muscles from the microfiber tears, heal and repair the tissues used. It takes a lot of effort to slow down and take it easy. I know because I have this problem! Here’s how I “try” to do it (note the operative word being “try”):

1. Using the treadmill or elliptical cross trainer and setting it at a lower speed or level. This way you won’t get ahead of yourself and go out too fast or hard. I did that just this morning.

2. Train or run with a friend (or sister in my case) who runs slower than you on your recovery days. Make it a date or catch up session. I’ve enjoyed runs with SW & HTN, Malcalm, Adam, KK and Vin Ann.

3. Pencil it into your schedule like how you would do for any run, workouts or race. On the flip side, you should also listen to your body. I was supposed to put in a recovery run this morning but woke up with a slight nag on the hips (and major soreness on my lats and pecs – yeah, totally irrelevant but thought I say it anyway!). It probably won’t have stopped me but I ran through my previous 2 weeks of runs and noticed that I’ve been clocking some higher mileage and speedy km and decided to make friends with the elliptical as well. Now that took a LOT of discipline if you really enjoy running!

Stretching? What’s that word again? LOL! Michael makes me do it religiously after each set and I make it a point to attend Richard’s class every week.

Note (important!!!): I’m not a qualified sports or medical therapist. The above are based on my thoughts and experience from reading and working out.

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