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Larian Perpaduan Little India Klang 2011 – 7km

Date: 5 November 2011

Venue: Stadium Kota Raja, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Distance: 7km (Garmin: 6.01km)

Timing: 28:43 (Garmin)

Pace: 4:46 min/km (Garmin)

Result: 4th (Women’s Veteran) (here)

This was another small local race but if ever saw the runners gathered in the stadium that day, you’ll be fooled. There were a lot of strong and fast runners that day – Goh Chun Aun, Ng Say Heong, Moey Wooi San, Ramachandran, Susan Khoo, Bee Hoon, Sangeetha, Cheah Meei Meei among the likes of the Klang Pacers. The field for the school boys were even keener due to the participation of the local schools; heck, there were even some teams from Kuala Lumpur.


Out from the stadium into the arms of Little India. Nightmare arms since we were running and weaving between vehicles, motorcycles and pedestrians. This would have been the most beautiful and awesome route if the roads were closed or traffic better controlled – Little India is really a sight to behold. Small shoplots like those from the 70s and 80s, all gaily decorated with wares, Indian music blaring. Charming.


Uphill climb to some of the government offices – see the look of death below! But this was followed by a nice downhill. This was probably the only climb in the route. I started way back to avoid getting caught with the faster runners and made my move km by km. Passed Rayzeef at the hill and then Wendy as we headed to km3.


It was then onto the backroads and slip roads and the mightiest downpour that you’ve ever experience. I kid you not! This was maybe akin to last year’s Penang Bridge (some bloggers' recaps here, here and here) or LA Marathon (Skinny Runner's take on it). My VFFs went squeaky and Sylvia told me she considered stopping since she was right smack at the gas station. Nope, we were supposed to run on the outer perimeter of the 2 gas stations but as time went by, the corners or runner’s speak, tangents, got smaller.


The downpour let up to a drizzle and soon we were back onto the main road heading back to the stadium.


a) Small local race feel with everything kept simple – they didn’t even keep time and told everyone to take their respective time. Plentiful of parking and on-time start.

Gathering of friends

b) Finisher’s medal for everyone – this is usually not a problem for the fairer sex but typically the guys have to fight it out. Look at the PJ Half – only 200 up for grabs in the Men’s Open.

c) Believe there was one hydration station along the route; anyway, the one at the finishing point served both water and 100Plus. There was also a Milo truck in attendance. {heart for most peeps}

d) Late registrations were accepted even up to noon of race day. This was an exception probably due to the small field.

e) For a small event, the prizes were generous: RM300 for 1st, RM250 or RM200 for 2nd etc for the category I was in. Think it was more for the Open categories.

f) Good post-run traffic management.


a) Road closure, traffic control and manned intersections or the lack thereof. The usual. Within expectations from a small local race; then again, it’s the same with some of the larger Malaysian road races. Normally I won’t bat an eyelid on this issue since it’s within expectations but thought Saturday’s race warrants a mention. This was perhaps the most dangerous and closest I’ve been to being roadkill (this and the Bareno). Weaving through traffic along Little India at the start, literally; the backroads were a tad better.

Photo credits to Moey, Been Hoon, Luvis Chuah, SoonChung Lim, Atan Mustafa. Here are some of their albums from the event


Bee Hoon

SC Lim


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