Friday, November 11, 2011

Five Things Friday

1. 11.11.11 – that’s right folks. It’s one of those once-in-a-million-date days and as usual, lots of celebrations, especially weddings. Sometimes I wonder what the hype is all about, apart from guys having no trouble remembering their anniversary etc. Ok, maybe that is debatable. Sorry for the negativity! Anyway, I will not let it detract from Dannie and Carrie’s wonderful wedding reception this evening. Truly happy for them and am looking forward to meeting friends this evening. Congrats guys!

2. What do you get an adorable (I’m being bias here) girl for her first birthday? I would like to skip the clothes and dresses since everyone is giving her that. Toys? Some music player? Barney? One thing’s for sure, we’ll be having a blast celebrating Ash’s birthday at the end of the month and it’ll DEFINITELY include cake!

3. Speaking of celebrations, Christmas and New Year is sneaking up. Nothing planned for Christmas as yet but for the latter, it’s a different story. YS Lee is hosting this year’s Pacemaker’s Annual Dinner at his mega “palace” in Sierramas on 1 January. There’ll be lots of food, catching up and general merry making going by last year’s event. It’ll capped off a wonderful year of running and friendships made for me.

4. Running Long. What are your thoughts? Of course, long is relative but go ahead, tell me when was your first long run, how you felt, preps etc.

I’ve toyed with the idea of doing longer races. In my books, that would be anything longer than 12km (that’s the furthest I’ve done) but every time at km6 of my 10k-s, I’m reminded, painfully I may add, that there’s another 15km and ask myself this: are you sure you want to do this? I swear that every one of those km from the gun off, I’m repeating this to myself: is it over yet? How much more? Can I please walk now?

5. I “persuaded” Michael to slot in some chest, back or even legs when after recovering from my cardiac arrest. The latter was preceded by hearing that “we’ll be doing shoulders and arms today”. Rather than having my top 20% shredded and chewed and rendered useless to drive or do anything much else, I was willing to sacrifice the rest of my body parts. Yes, that’s how we roll around here.

4 Supersets of:

a) Smith machine overhead shoulder press

b) Plate weight bendover row

4 Supersets of:

c) DB lateral raise

d) DB bendover row

Supersets of:

e) Technogym cable criss-cross lat pull-down

f) Technogym cable criss-cross rear delt

Supersets of:

g) TRX pull-ups

h) Combo of push-ups followed by kettlebell squats-bicep curl-overhead press

i) Abs crunches balancing on the pillow (no, I don’t know or rather too lazy to find out its proper or scientific name)

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