Monday, November 14, 2011

Back to Reality-Monday

Sad, ain’t it? And it’s a full week ahead since the next public holiday is at the end of the month. Then again, let’s remember the happier times instead. The weekend started early with Dannie & Carrie’s wedding in St Barnabas followed by a do-nothing-but-chill-at-home on Saturday. Sunday was a mixture of hard and easy with the former being a heart-pumping-and-falling-out-and-jello-legs CICM Responsible Care Run 2011 and the latter being a pampering session at Serenity Cove. Life is good!

At least until I woke up this morning! First shocker (ok, not much of one since my workouts are scheduled):

Supersets of:

a) Bench chest press

b) DB incline chest press

c) LF cable chest fly

Supersets of:

d) LF lat pull-down (close grip)

e) Precor T-bar row

f) Reverse pull-ups

Supersets of:

g) Free standing pull-ups (I like the concept, crave the soreness but not the execution. Just like the runs – signing up, training and post-run chit-chat, reminiscence etc but not the middle section a.k.a. running till my heart bursts)

h) Free standing dips

i) Technogym cable criss-cross lat pull-down

j) Decline push-ups with bar on Bosu

Single sets of:

k) Precor Abcrunch

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