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CICM Responsible Care Run 2011 – 10km

Date: 13 November 2011

Venue: Setia Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

Distance: 10km (Garmin: 10.38km)

Timing: 50:32 (Official and Garmin; and no, I did not start in front, in fact I was 5 rows back)

Pace: 4:54 min/km (Garmin)

Result: 3rd (Women’s Open)

Website: Link from The Marathon Shop here

Totally wiped out after the run even though the timing seemed about above average compared to the past few events. The route was more or less flattish; there were long stretches of slight gradients peppered along the route but nothing like the steep inclines of the likes of Bukit Tunku. I was well rested – short shake out run and a 2.5 hour nap the previous day. Perhaps it was the frame of mind or rather the lack thereof. No biggie since I’m not competitive like Boss; it’s when I take relaxed approach to runs/events that I can eke out a decent timing. This run was tough from the minute we started and the temptation to start walking reared its ugly head around km3. Yes, that’s me for you – happens all the time, mind you.


It was a bit crowded for the first 500-800 meters but after that everyone settled into their own space. I guessed it helped that the first upslope came quickly ~200 meters from the start line. It was here that I passed Kim Khoo and then further on Tan Pei Leng. The second km was an endless stretch of nothingness but there was some drama as the lead girl (who would eventually win the race) came up and we were matching stride for stride.


Another bridge upslope at km3 and more nothingness unless you count passing cars on the roads something. It was getting tough to stay motivated with nothing in the background and having to push the pace. The lead then upped the pace and pulled away. For the first time, I actually glanced at my watch and disheartened to learn that it was only 5.23km into the race.

*insert groan*

I never look or watch my times or pace during a run (even training) to avoid stressing myself out.


This was an out-and-back on a particularly long road where you could see runners on the opposite side of the road. Kim came up behind me and overtook me just after I looked at my watch. Oh well, let it be…I wasn’t going to push and kill myself; there was still 50% of the race. Around km6 or so, I spotted Kenny on the other side of the road and kept hoping the u-turn would come sooner. It didn’t!

Wokie, turnaround came at km7 and we got the checkpoint ribbon followed by the third and final hydration station. I was on the other side of the road! Yay! Calvin called out to me and I probably grunted and waved.


Seriously…an upslope just after hitting the buzz of km9???!!! Then again, it was rewarded with a downslope to the highway leading to the Setia Alam Welcome Center.


a) Fairly well organized event; I thought this was better than the PJ Half. As with any event, there’re areas for improvement.

b) 3 and 5 hydration station along the 10 and 21km routes; plenty enough.

c) Good traffic management even without the full road closure.

d) Good traffic flow post-run.

e) Late registrations and race day bib pick-up can be accommodated.

f) So glad they had different routes for the various categories – no congestion. Score!


a) 4 porta hydration stations at the finishing point for an estimated 3,000 runners? A remake of last year’s bottleneck model? Enough said.

b) No distance markers for the 10km? Or did I miss them?

c) Long boring stretches with only empty land and construction-in-progress for view.

d) Post-race grub = nasi lemak; I wished they had an option for vegans. I may be a minority here but some bread or sandwiches would be nice. Also, I hardly doubt many could partake in spicy food after a run? Did they have a cendol truck last year?

Photo log (credits to Chuah Sakura, KK Yum, Fiona Lee):

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